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Seeing your way to the best value

You are armed with your prescription. As with most consumables, it does pay to shop around for contact lenses. But it is a caveat emptor world, and in the case of contact lenses, if the buyer does not beware, more is at stake than some pocket change. Your options of contact lens sellers include your eye care professional, eye care chains, high volume discount stores like WalMart and Costco, and the internet.

Think first about what is most important to you as you shop.

  • Price of the contact lenses
  • When the lenses ship to your home
  • Any insurance coverage
  • How responsive is the company to your requests or questions
  • How convenient is it
  • Overall cost when exams and fittings are included
  • Your time and energy

    First, don't assume you will get the better price on the internet, or at a superstore like WalMart. There are a number of variables that influence the cost of a contact lens. First and foremost, have your prescription handy. Some companies sell one brand cheaper than another, some sell more common prescription lenses at a lower price point than not so common lenses, and some sell cheaper in larger orders than smaller orders.

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