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Skinny Minnies in the TV world

Looking for a new TV to replace the 27Ē big bombing tube TV that takes up two feet of room depth?

Here are some choices to check out. First (get your acronym hat on) you have a choice of plasma, LCD, DLP and the not quite so well known LCoS.

Plasma TVs are slim jims (would you believe four inches deep on average) and can be had with an over 100 inch screen.  Then there are the LCD screens that you see on your home computer monitor, camera, PDA or cell phone. Look for another emaciated profile with high brightness.

DLP stands for Digital Light Processing. You have seen this technology in digital projectors at your local movie theatre. You canít mount this format on the wall as you can with the plasma and LCD, but you get a nice bright picture on their over 40Ē screen.

Then there is the newest addition, Liquid Crystal on Silicon or LCoS. Donít look to mount this product on your wall but you will get super high res viewing, topping the plasma and the LCD in this category.

Popular Products
1. Samsung TX-R2035 20" DynaFlat CRT
2. Sylvania 6420FF 20" Pure Flat
3. Sony KD-27FS170 27" FD Trinitron
4. Toshiba MD20F52 20" Flat TV/DVD
5. Sylvania 6424FF 24" Flat
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