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Best TVs

Your old 27 inch screen TV is just looking sad compared to the huger than huge high tech screens you pass by in the big boxes like Best Buy. You are experiencing TV envy and itís time to make the move into the 21st century. But how to choose between LCD and plasma and all the new digital offerings?

First look at your viewing room. There are a number of considerations. How far are you sitting from the screen? In a teeny room, a very large option will appear ridiculous and that is not your goal here. How much sun pours in during viewing hours? If itís a sunny room, and you like it sunny, youíre going to have problems with the picture in some of the plasma TVs. 

LCD sets are flat and light like the plasma screens, but some have complained about the picture when viewed from off center and the blurring that can occur in action scenes. LCD manufacturers claim they have corrected this problem, but make sure you check this out in the store before you buy. Then there is the projection option. Not yet ready for prime time viewing, with a picture that is not up to par with the LCD and plasma options. Before you flip out your plastic, compare, compare, compare. Shop online for pricing and then in the local stores. Remember that the latest and greatest may not meet your specific viewing needs, so be flexible when shopping.

Popular Products
1. Samsung TX-R2035 20" DynaFlat CRT
2. Sylvania 6420FF 20" Pure Flat
3. Sony KD-27FS170 27" FD Trinitron
4. Toshiba MD20F52 20" Flat TV/DVD
5. Sylvania 6424FF 24" Flat
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