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Half of us are not watching HDTV on our HDTV televisions?

Leichtman Research Group says that 1/2 of the households that have a HDTV are not actually watching television in High Definition!


Alright folks - this happened to a buddy who called me a week before the Super Bowl and was wondering why his new $2500 TV was not as pretty as he expected.  The reason was - he had not installed the correct cables.  If you are not using composite or HDMI cables you are not getting the most from your TV.

Read through our guide on televisions and plasma TVs to learn how to hook these machines up. 

If we are to believe this report it would also be true that LESS than 50% of us read the instructions for our HDTVs. Please read  your instructions.  Your new TV can stand on it's head with all the high-tech programming that is inside of it.  You should get every penny out of that investment.

If you are one of those people who have been watching standard TV signals on your HDTV you will be absolutely stunned when you convert to HD - enjoy!

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