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Really big flat screen TVs

We are nothing if not enamored of the bigger is better philosophy…and nowhere is this more apparent than on the big screen. Samsung’s strategists envision an appetite for seventy inch flat screen LCD TVs and are market testing them next year.

The really behemoth TVs have been plasma, but the technology scene seems to be changing and sales and sizes of LCD powered TVs are growing. Not to be outdone, Japan’s Matsushita Electric Industrial has started a short list for 103 inch plasma TV screens. They have placed a whopping price tag of over $50,000 for the linebacker. It doesn’t seem to matter that the average living room or den has a hard time practically accommodating the giant screens. Industry analysts say our love affair with the big screen is not abating.

I am currently watching on a 26” CRT antique…it’s evidently only a matter of time before I succumb to market pressure.

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5. Sylvania 6424FF 24" Flat
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