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Plasma TV price drops

The price of PDP (plasma display panel) TVs is on its way down while the size is on its way up.

Fifty inchers are price possible as their MSRP continues to dip and the demand for them increases. By the all important Christmas holidays, analysts think the price will go under $2500 per set.

PDP manufacturers are feeling the heat from LCD makers in the 42 inch market as a couple of major LCD manufacturers have begun production of 42 inch panels earlier this year. 40 inches used to separate the men from the TV boys but that benchmark has been breached and 50 has become the new male marker.

Samsung is increasing its output of PDPs to thirty to forty percent by 07. Now, 80 percent is dedicated to 42 inchers. 40 inch LCD panels ran about $850 while 42 inch PDPs were logging in at $720 early this year.

Forecasters say there will be significant drops by the end of the year. So start saving your pennies and applaud the competition. Come Superbowl you and your den will be the winners.

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