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The wet or steam sauna

If you love standing in your hot, hot shower with the temperature rising and the steam billowing around you, the wet or steam sauna might be for you. Picture a shower stall, incorporating jets of steam and 100% humidity when thinking about a steam sauna. This experience is not as communal as the dry sauna, as you normally use the wet sauna in the nude.

The Finns came up with the "wet" sauna, using steam to get the heat to your system more efficiently. A sultry day in Louisiana with temperatures around 90 produces more sweat and feels hotter than hundred degree temperatures in the very dry Southwest.

Consider some of the claimed benefits of a "wet" sauna

  • A cardiovascular workout minus the aggravation on ailing joints
  • An increase in your metabolic rate, burning up to 300 calories per "sauna"
  • A muscle relaxant, speeding the repair of your muscles and sending harmful toxins that cause muscle discomfort bye bye
  • A facial, opening your pores and releasing dirt and dead cells that clog and cause blemishes
  • A fever raising your internal temperature you artificially induce a fever and kill some lurking viruses and bacteria

Other wet saunas include a small steam room, something like a molded shower unit. In fact, some are intended to replace your shower, with a spa like experience including multiple massaging jets, a bench and showerhead, along with a steam generator.

Take a step down to the "steam cabinet" which is movable and is free from special electrical considerations or rigid plumbing. There is a tank for water in the steam generator, that you fill and then just plug the unit in. There are total body experiences, but some allow you to sit in with your head outside the unit.

Not satisfied with the health benefits of the typical steam sauna, an oxygen sauna adds the benefits of oxygen once the steam has your pores open and clear. Any kind of bacteria on your skin will be killed with an oxygen sauna. You can add the oxygen aspect to your current sauna with an oxygen generator or purchase a whole oxygen sauna for one. Along with the other perks of a wet sauna, advocates say it increases your mental sharpness and improves energy levels.

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