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The best sauna...

...for pets?

If you love your little Muffy, of dachshund wolfhound derivation, you might consider putting on the heat for your beloved pet.

Miracle Heat, a sauna manufacturer, has come out with a sauna for pets. They claim the infrared technology in their saunas can benefit household pets. Ingeniously called The Pet Sauna, it keeps your pet warm with the same kind of radiant heat that comes from the sun. When it is too cold or too wet for a bask in the sun, bring Muffy in for a quick heat wave. Miracle Heat says the Pet Sauna will not go over 80 degrees and will not harm or heaven forbid burn your pets.

So the next time you are tempted to pop your teeny pup in the microwave for a quick dry off, think Pet Sauna instead. May even help arthritic doggy bones.

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