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History of saunas

Although there is no archeological record confirming this, popular theory attributes the sauna to the Finns. Even though the rich were the users of the personal sauna, when available to the farmers and tradesmen, the communal sauna provided warmth in the winter, shelter from the elements and social concourse. World War II saw US soldiers enjoying the relaxing benefits of saunas when in Europe. At the same time the Finns worked on smaller and more efficient units that would be more sellable on the worldwide market.

Today you can purchase anywhere from a portable sauna that covers all but your head and hands up to a luxury add-on to your home that sports a shower and other amenities.

If buying a sauna sounds like a healthy and relaxing way to end or begin the day, there are a number of choices in between. The first decision to be made is whether you want a dry sauna or a wet sauna.

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