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One sweet sauna

If you are constantly vacillating in your body temperature (“I’m hot”, I’m cold, I’m hot) then book your travel to the Torne River just below the Arctic Circle, on the border between Sweden and Finland. You’ll feel right at home.

You can get the same temperature extremes here at the global sauna village and museum. Sauna bathing is revered here and is now open for business. There are ten saunas (even a public sauna that will accommodate over fifty “sauna-ites”) and thirty more saunas, steam batch and tub baths to come. You can stay at a cabin or rough it in a camp tent, or trek on down ten miles south to Haparanda and stay in a hotel.  Chilly? Hop in the sauna. Sweating? Just walk a mile or two in the brisk Arctic air.

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