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PDA Shopping Tips and Extras

PDA Shopping Tips and Extras

Although you may shop for features and price on the internet, it is important to actually see and work with the PDA before you buy. The screen size may look adequate on your monitor as you shop on the internet, but once in your hand, you may find yourself squinting to read it. Keyboard size may be too small for practicality or the PDA sits awkwardly in your large hand or overwhelms your small one.

Also be aware that the hand-held PDA is a partner with your computer systems, not a replacement. It is not a laptop wannabe with gigabytes of space for large documents, pictures or programs. Its small screen and keyboard size severely limits its exclusive use.

Those Extras

The handheld's capabilities expand continually and can include
  • your current location via GPS
  • internet connectivity (a must )
  • retrieving email
  • listening to music
  • playing games
  • digital camera
  • cell phone


Determine the operating system that will provide you with easy "synching" with your business and home computers. Then assess the options you require that go beyond the basic calendaring and address retrieval, and the memory and speed needed to accomplish those tasks. Make sure you physically try out various PDAs before purchasing to check for the right visual and manual fit for you.

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