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PDA Buying Guide

From PIM to WiFi to GPS

The Personal Digital Assistant and More

If you are acrostically challenged in this day of initials, let's start off with a few basic definitions necessary if you are looking to upgrade from Post-it notes and Daytimers.

PDA — personal digital assistant
PIM — personal information manager
WiFi — wireless fidelity
GPS — global positioning system

A PDA is a small, hand-held flat box about the size of a small notepad with a monitor to help you keep track of
  • your appointments, calendar dates
  • addresses and contact information
  • agenda items, to do lists
  • notes or memos to yourself
in effect becoming your personal information manager (PIM). Add on cell phone capabilities, a GPS and some wireless connectivity and you have a full service office right in your hand.

With over 25 manufacturers, each with its own scale from simple to high tech, the purchase of a PDA can be overwhelming. It helps to start with your basic needs, plus those features that would make life easier, and then the added extras that are just "way cool".
Popular Products
1. Palm Z22 Handheld
2. Palm TX Handheld
3. Palm Tungsten E2 Handheld
4. Palm LifeDrive Mobile Manager
5. HP iPAQ RX1955 Pocket PC
6. Dell Axim X51v PDA 624 MHz
7. HP iPaq 111
8. Asus A626
9. PalmOne Z22
10. Compaq iPAQ 3650
11. Sharp YOP20HII
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