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Video streaming on smartphones

If you’ve gone wireless and have compatible Windows Mobile smartphones (we’re talking Motorola Q, T-Mobile SDA and I-mate SP5m) you may be a great candidate to try Sling Media’s SlingPlayer Mobile software.

Sling Media has launched its public beta program allowing video streaming to smartphones. Slingbox owners can watch and control the TV in their home from any phone or PDA that’s network enabled and powered by Windows Mobile. The Smartphone can then be used as a remote to control your dvr, in case you forgot to record Regis and Kelly before you hopped off to work.

Once the beta period is over, SlingPlayer Mobile will go for $29.99 with one of those free 30 day trials to get you hooked. If you want to give it a try, you have to have a network connection to access your home TV, either a 3G cell, WiFi, Bluetooth or USB. Software use is free.

Hey, 30 days free, give it a shot.

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