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The best PDA may be the one you put away when work is over.

My daughter glanced at her business PDA just before our Thanksgiving meal and cried in chagrin “I have 33 emails!!” She had checked it just before she left work on Wednesday and took care of any pending emails so the Thanksgiving quantity was a shock. She wasn’t alone however in her dismay.

According to a recent survey, evidently most PDA users feel PDA email is having a negative effect on their productivity. The International Association of Business Communicators surveyed over 1500 business professionals. Eighty five percent said they got way too many emails (93 percent of Blackberry owners) and they spend too much time each day trying to manage the information received in a coherent and productive fashion. They even fess up that they send too much email.

So just cut it out, and leave my daughter in peace over the holidays. Thank you

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