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You knew it was coming…a completely portable pc that operates on Windows XP with the functions and more of a PDA with cell phone and laptop capacity. With a price tag of $1500 in the US, this little powerhouse should keep us at work even when hiking Everest, or on a cruise through the Caribbean. I don’t know what this says about leisure time, but if your work requires you to be out of the office, but near all the information and power you need to perform that job, then this could be just the thing.

If DualCor Technologies has anything to say about it, the word at the end of 2006 will be “handtop”…combining the convenience of a PDA with the power of a desktop. Ready for launch the DualCor cPC is an all in one that measures 6.5 inches by 3.3 inches and offers standard computing with a 40 gb hard drive, internet accessibility, email and a good chat on the phone. You can run the whole Microsoft Office Suite, Tablet C and a ton of other applications, and then send your hard work via email.

The cPC has both a 1.5 Ghz and a 400 MHz processor with a gig of RAM. The screen is 5 inches with 800 by 480 resolution. You also get three USB high speed ports, headset, phone jack, Compact Flash, a microphone and mouse controls. If you want there is available a keyboard as well to enable easy input.

The advantages to the medical, research, engineering, retail and military fields are stunning.

My only concern is that we have enough problems getting away from it all as it is. We are not all that great at establishing boundaries of work and play. Now we may never be able to “get away”. Let’s only hope there’s room on the DualCor dPC for some “Free Cell”.

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