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The best wheelchairs...

...are the one's that everyone can access. Motivation’s Wheelmade is a company with a vision.

Wheelmade wants to equip physically disabled people in low income countries and areas in conflict with appropriate wheelchairs for their environment (often rough and unpaved terrain). They see the need to have personnel on site to help the disabled choose the right kind of chair for their geography, to fit them for maximum comfort and efficiency and then show them how to use it. What a great idea.

They have come up with a “Fit for Life” training package to help locals develop the skills necessary to accomplish these tasks. Worldmade has even designed a wheelchair and had it manufactured to help physically disabled navigate in rural areas. It has three wheels for stability and the third wheel in front is tough enough to withstand rough terrain.

Check out their new website Within a few months of manufacturing, ten wheelchairs had been delivered to areas in South Africa, Sri Lanka, India and Nepal.

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