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Other Things to Know

Central vacuum systems, like portable vacuums, offer canisters with bags or bagless. Both are efficient. It really comes down to preference. If you would rather toss a bag then dump out and clean the canister, opt for a bag system. Emptying the bagless dirt canister can be a rather dusty job, but it won't happen all that often. You may find you need to empty it every couple months or even just twice a year.

You may also find the long hose a bit annoying if you are just doing a quick cleaning. Some users find the long hose difficult to maneuver and drag around, but at least it's not a whole unit. Inadvertently sucking up a small toy can prove a problem, as it may be harder to recover than from a portable vacuum. These are some small disadvantages to a central vac system.

There are different types of hoses used in central vacuum systems. Wire-reinforced and crushproof are the most popular. A wire reinforced hose has wire coiling through the hose to prevent collapsing. If it were to get squished the wire would be bent and it would not retain its original shape. A crushproof hose does not have the rigid wire and is more flexible and lighter weight. It will recover to its shape after being compressed.

A central vacuum system can be installed rather easily. Read on to see details.

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