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Will your family and home benefit from a central vacuum system?

Many of us are used to cleaning with a portable vacuum, whether it is an upright or a canister or one of the many other types available, but a central vacuum system can be a welcome change that not only makes cleaning easier but enhances our home and life.

Remember that a central vacuum system provides almost 100 percent filtration removing dust and allergens from your living space making your home a healthier place.

Most central vacuum systems require very little maintenance. Emptying the canister is one of the few tasks and that is quite infrequent.

The value of your home will increase with the addition of a central vacuum system.

The convenience of intake valves throughout the home makes vacuuming simple. Just take the hose where you want to clean and plug it in.

Choosing a central vacuum system may be the right choice for you. You simply need to consider your home, your family and your cleaning needs.

Happy cleaning.

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