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Is a Central Vacuum System right for you?

When we think of vacuums we tend to think of the portable models that we store in the closet and pull out when we need to clean the carpets and floors. A central vacuum system completes the same task but is quite different than a typical vacuum.

A central vacuum system has a central power unit that sits in a basement, garage or utility room. Wall inlet valves are installed in different locations throughout your home and are connected to the power unit. You simply plug a lightweight hose into the wall outlet activating the central vacuum system. When activated the system sucks the dirt, dust and allergens from the carpet, floor or furniture into the hose and down into the main unit's canister. The power unit has a more powerful motor than a portable vacuum allowing for a deeper clean in less time.

You may want to consider a central vacuum system as it helps to reduce indoor air pollutants and allergens creating a healthier environment. This type of system is very easy to use. There is no unit to lug or push around the house. You simply move the hose from one wall valve to another as you vacuum throughout the home. A variety of attachments are available making this system efficient at cleaning carpets, stairs, bare floors, upholstery and even hard to reach places. You can even use this vacuum system to clean your car.

The deep down clean provided by a central vacuum system will help to prolong the life of your carpet, drapes and furniture. It can also increase the market value of your home — just as other built-in appliances do.

Central vacuum systems help eliminate dust and dirt inside your home. The powerful suction of the unit sucks the dirt and allergens into the hose and down into the base unit canister. There is no chance for the dirt to re-circulate into your home escaping through a filter or bag.

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