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Central Vacuum System Installation

Installation of a central vacuum system is rather easy. In new construction, it is quite easy, as you don't need to worry about existing walls and ceilings while installing the unit and tubing. In an existing home, the power unit is placed in an isolated area such as the garage or basement and then the tubing will be run through a crawl space, basement, or attic and then run through the interior walls.

Inlet valves will need to be placed throughout the home. Locations should be chosen allowing the vacuum system to reach all the areas of the home with a standard 30-foot hose. You will want to consider the placement of furniture as that may limit the hoses maneuverability and reach. You will also want to keep in mind being able to reach drapes and into corners.

The number of valves will depend on your preferences, but typically one valve should be installed for every 750 square feet of home. Keep in mind that the number of stories in your home as well s your cleaning preferences and needs may alter this guideline.

Remember a good central vacuum system will come with a good warranty.

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