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Choosing Size, Weight, and Portability

First, consider how much of an issue weight is for you. If your projector is going to be mounted in a board room or carted from office to office, how much the projector weighs isn't going to be a key consideration. However, if you plan to present on-site sales pitches or conference material, weight will be critical to your future happiness. While a pound or two may not sound significant, consider lugging a projector from the office to a taxi onto an airplane, back in the taxi and then over to the conference center.

3 Major Categories:

  1. Ultralight Projectors — easiest to take with you on the road; light (from 2-11 pounds); extremely portable
    - The projectors themselves are light, but be sure you know how much the entire model weighs (includes carrying case, cables, remote, etc) so that you know how much weight you'll be lugging around; It is helpful to purchase a case that holds your laptop and projector.
    *Portability > Performance

  2. Conference Room Projectors — heavier than ultralights, but still able to move from room to room; brighter and more adaptable to a large room; include many extra features (for a higher price, of course) such as a laser pointing device, document camera, extra computer ports, and remote mousing.
    *Performance> Portability

  3. Fixed Installation Projectors — weigh as much as 100lbs; most expensive; most versatile and powerful; extremely adaptable to large, bright rooms; able to handle different resolutions and image sizes.

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