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Jetsons Meet LCD

With all the options for media viewing, the idea of an LCD projector isnít usually on the video screen, but it should be.

One of the industry leaders in projectors is InFocus and theyíve come out with a new projector, the Play Big IN76. If you are into image, the IN76 avoids the usual clunky projector look with a Jetson like curved housing in shiny black.

According to first reports, once you hook the IN76 up to your media center, out of the box calibration is nigh on perfect. For newbies, thatís a huge plus. The picture is crisp, bright and detailed, perfect for the new HD viewing options and the usual loud fan noise is diminished, barely noticeable when the audio isnít muted.

However - one caveat. You need a good screen, and often these can cost more than the projector, so figure in screen costs before making the $3,000 IN76 plunge. And while you are tabulating, add the cost of replacement lamps at $400, and black out curtains for your den.

But all told, your budget will still be ahead of other home theatre options with the IN76.

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