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What kind of picture quality do I expect?

There are two types of picture definition you can opt for. The first is well known High Definition Television, more known as HDTV. HDTV offers extremely high picture quality by offering more native resolution. HD offers 1024 x 1024 pixels per inch.

Enhanced Definition or ED sets offer a good picture, however do not have the same native resolution that HDTV sets have. ED sets generally offer 852 x 480 pixels per inch. ED sets offer the same pixel output as a progressive-scan DVD player and can connect to a down-converter to display HD programming. This allows the HD program to be viewed with lower resolution, thus not giving a true HD experience, but nonetheless offering a more cost-efficient way to enjoy High Definition programming.

These two signal outputs are not the "make or break" necessities that determine image quality. There are many factors that can contribute to a poor image. Things such as how the TV converts a signal to fit the screen, and the ability to properly align brightness and color throughout the screen.

You can also connect the plasma monitor to your computer. Many businesses are placing these monitors in conference rooms and connect their laptops to the television to deliver their presentations. The XVGA signal of 1024 x 768 will give an extremely clear picture with a monitor that has a higher resolution (1024x1024). When looking to purchase the monitor for this type of use keep this in mind.

Also remember that static image burn-in is still a concern, especially when this device for presentations. You can limit the risk of burn-in by monitoring the amount of time the unit will be displaying the same picture.

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