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What Mounting Options do I have for my Plasma TV?

One of the most appealing things about the Plasma Television is not only its picture quality, but also its sleek, contemporary design. The television itself is generally 4 inches deep, which means it can be placed almost anywhere and will require very minimal space (dependent on the size of the screen). Below are some of the more popular ways to setup your Plasma TV:

  • Flat Wall Mounting: This type of mounting is the most common option for Plasma TV owners. The TV is hung on the wall like a picture. It is the least expensive method of mounting the television and does not require much depth space (adds approximately 2in. to its depth).

  • Tilt Wall Mounting: Tilt mounting involves placing the plasma TV higher eye level. The TV can then be tilt to fit the comfort of the viewer. This type of mounting is usually setup above fireplaces in homes. It will add approximately 4 to 6 inches to the overall depth of the unit.

  • Table Stand: The table stand can be used in any capacity. They are custom made to fit the specifications of manufacturers. The stands are very stylish and offer a contemporary feel to any room. You may be able to find monitors which offer a table stand in the package so look around and see what options you may have.

  • Articulating Wall Mount: This is a very interesting device. It allows you to pull the monitor out and turn it to the side in either direction. It also allows you to keep the device flush against the wall. This provides a vast array of options, which is useful in areas such as office spaces, libraries, or public areas.

There are also other options to mount your plasma televisions. Such options are Plasma Carts or Ceiling Mounts. Each mounting option offers different types of advantages. Choose which option best suits your needs.

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