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New look at Plasma

The plasma TV manufacturers want you to know the new year’s models are not your father’s Oldsmobile…er TV.

The Plasma Display Coalition maintains a lot of the current thinking is erroneous and based on early stages of this particular TV. First, they want you to know that a typical plasma TV’s life span is between 50 and 60 thousand hours. If you were to watch TV for six hours a day, the life of the plasma TV would stretch to twenty seven years.

And the word on “burn in” (phosphor aging)  is that after significant testing, current models were ghost free after a three minute rest period from hours of single picture exposure.

Power levels are competitive as well, and the PDC says a plasma TV may use less power than a CRT, rear projection TV. Add on uber fast motion performance, wide wide viewing angles and consistent picture quality throughout the screen. So make sure you update your TV facts before jumping into the digital TV market.

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