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Other Factors to Consider

Plasma TVs are one of the newest technologies globally currently. However, just because they are the newest technology, it does not necessarily mean that every television you see will have all the options your home entertainment system will require.

When choosing your model of preference, be sure it contains all the necessary components to fit your home entertainment system. For example, be sure that the television has enough video outputs and inputs so that if you have multiple DVD players, or VCRs you will be able to connect them all to the television.

Some of the best picture quality emitted from a plasma flat-screen television comes from watching DVDs. For this reason, you should purchase a television with a S-video inputs. If the television does not come with S-video inputs, then an alternate option are component video inputs. Most of the newest DVD technology offer improved picture quality with a S-video connection, and almost all of the new TV models come with these two different types of video inputs.

Another factor to consider is Image Burning. Image Burning occurs when a picture is continuously depicted in the same area of the screen. The static image is then burned onto the screen. This often occurs from video games and/or stock price tickers. To minimize this risk, do not view channels with these tickers for extended periods of time, and avoid playing video games on the television.

There are some reports, which say plasma televisions are not reliable and do not last for long periods of time. Contrary to these reports, industry experts project plasma televisions can be viewed for 20,000 hours before the plasma screen loses half of its brightness. If a television were to be viewed for 40 hours a week, it would take 10 years for the screen brightness to decrease by this much.

Reliability is difficult to determine as of this point, since the technology is so new. However, as these televisions become more popular, and found in more homes, the industry will be able to make enhancements and make improvements to the current technology.

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