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Ariens 910019 help with what I broke. Stuck auger and won't move.
#1   Nov 28, 2018 11:57 am
Snow and blizzard in Chicagoland. Tree down as well and my repowered 910019 sucked in a decent sized twig and auger and impeller will not move - maybe 1/4 to 1/2 inch back and forth. Engine runs and starts fine. But machine also will not move at all when put in gear. So blower mechanics no move and drive mechanism wont work. Was going all day ok prior to that. I fished out all the wood and ice. Looking for maybe some thoughts and guidance on where to start any breakdown. Worried I may have ruined the gearbox........thanks.
Re: Old Ariens Wheel Axle Bushing Access And Replacement?
#2   Nov 28, 2011 12:25 pm

You are quick, dude. Looks like the whole axle has to come out and take apart the differential side. Got some more work up my sleeve. Also looks like I may as well do them both while I got it apart......Thnx for your response.

Old Ariens Wheel Axle Bushing Access And Replacement?
#3   Nov 28, 2011 11:39 am
Ariens 1974 910019 tractor for 24" 6hp snowblower. While in service position and replacing the friction disc, I note that I also have a problem with the bushing/bearing that is on the right wheel. It is broken off and just kind of hnging on the wheel axle. There is obviously some play. Looks like about a $5 part but I do not see how to get to it. It is a differential model but it is the wheel on the non-differential side. Can anyone help with some direction or instruction on getting to this to replace it? Thanks.
Ariens Belt. Has Anytone Tried This On An Old 1974
#4   Sep 29, 2011 7:53 pm
Ariens 910019 Tec H60 and the belt is spec'd at 3/8 x 35.5 OEM #72047 -  So I have since found out. I purchased a Stens off a reputable site supplier and there were two choices but neither listed the measurements. The one I ordered is actually 3/8 x 36" Stens # 238-036. States it is also a replacement for that OEM.

Found perusing the web on this question:

"What he said but I'll add that Stens also says you can use a 3/8 x 36. Since Ariens owns Stens I would assume that this info is correct."

Anyone tried or used a 36" belt??? Or should I just return it or eat the $13 and get the right one and be safe? Thnx.

Re: Some Help With The Wheels On My New (old-real old) Ariens
#5   May 3, 2011 7:23 pm
Thanks Shryp and Trouts.

I do not see any cotter pin holding the "eared" nut on, but on second look apperrs with the 3 bolts out it will clear the hub and maybe it is back behind the axle. I assume that you can clear the diff knob on the left side the same way?

Thanks for the tire recommendations. Are these all tubed? Or tubeless tires? Are there tubes in them OEM? Going to hook the tach and check engine rpms and next split the case and change what looks to be maybe an original belt. I can make out what looks Ariens 72047 or Ariens 72041 on it. Then glean and lube 'er up.

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