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Re: Generators
#1   Jan 4, 2006 7:42 pm
Mike, I sent you a private message and if you e-mail me I will send you plenty of info on installation and brands.
Re: Why does craftsman get a bad rap?
#2   Dec 17, 2005 6:02 am
Majorxlr8n wrote:
WOW - you are VERY LUCKY INDEED! Glad to hear you got yours buttoned up! Next time I need parts, I'll call this very store & hope I'm as lucky...


I don't know about being "very lucky "about getting parts for the machine, but I do know that Sears keeps quite a few parts in stock for the older units.

when I called for the gearbox parts both gears and casing halfs along with the shafts,keys and augers they had more than 6 of each available here and more in stock at the Toronto warehouse.

how long they will be available is anyones guess however they can be had with a bit of phone work, parts can be purchased from various small engine suppliers and most would be very glad to help track down any parts needed.

Re: Why does craftsman get a bad rap?
#3   Dec 16, 2005 3:23 pm
Majorxlr8n wrote:
Personally, The older Sears units were very tough. Most were made by Murray or AYP. The newer Sears really aren't that bad - but heres the catch. Any Murray made Craftsman currently available will be a bad choice if you need parts. Why? Murray was bought out by Briggs & Stratton & obtaining parts for any Murray product is a NIGHTMARE. Stuff like belts, skids & other commonly replacable parts can be had, but if you need a HARD part like a worm gear, auger rakes - forget it. To ID a "Murray" Sears, look at the model number - if it starts with "536" its a Murray. If you see "247" its made by MTD. MTD makes entry level machines that are so-so quality.


I just rebuilt my 87 8/28 craftsman's gearbox, auger shaft, impeller shaft, bearing assembly,impeller fan and augers and got all the parts right from sears here in Dartmouth.

the whole unit was seized on so I just cut everything off and started anew.

the machine was built by Murray and the last two storms threw snow like a new one.

Re: Why Ariens Paint Peeling / Blistering
#4   Oct 29, 2005 6:01 am
They had this problem quite a few years ago (early 90s)when I worked at a local dealership that sold Ariens snowblowers.

we used to get a few back that had the paint pealing right down to the bare metal, what the factory used to get us to do was sand and respray.

I see that whatever the issue was it is still around.

At that time the issue was improper prep work to the units at the factory level we were told.

Re: painting snow blower - impeller removal?
#5   Oct 29, 2005 5:46 am
If the unit is seized even a little bit the job will not be very easy, you will have to have a puller, also might need lots of heat, plenty of time and if all else fails, then you will have to cut the whole unit out and replace shaft,bearing,impeller etc etc.

this is quite a job if you have not done it before, the suggestion of renting a sandblaster is a good one.

try a local dealer or your library and they will have standard manuals that you can use to proceed with the job.

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