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Other Causes of Hair Loss

Medical treatments can cause hair loss. Often treatments for conditions such as cancer can cause hair loss. Some cancer treatments cause the hair cells to stop dividing. The hair then becomes thin and weak breaking as they emerge from the scalp. This can begin occurring one to three weeks after treatment has started. Hair will usually begin to grow again after the treatment has been completed.

Another cause for hair loss can be a thyroid condition. Both an overactive and an underactive thyroid may have an effect on hair loss. This hair loss can be dealt with with proper treatment of the thyroid condition. If you think this may be the cause for your hair loss, consult your doctor.

A condition known as Alopecia Areata results in the loss of hair. Hair typically falls out in small, round patches. Sometimes, though this is rare, it results in total hair loss. The bald spots are smooth and free of hair. The cause of alopecia areata is unknown at this point. Those affected tend to be healthy and have no other symptoms than this unusual hair loss. Often the hair will regrow on its own. Treatments include topical applications, special light therapy and medication. Consult a doctor if you suspect this as a cause for your hair loss.

Some medications may cause temporary hair loss. If you are on a prescription medication and notice some unusual hair loss, consult your doctor to see if there is a connection.

Some women on birth control pills may notice a loss of hair. These women tend to be genetically disposed to hair loss or hair thinning. Consulting your doctor and trying another type of birth control pill may help or another form of contraception altogether. Once the pills are stopped, hair loss may continue for a while, but typically it stops within six months.

High doses of Vitamin A can also result in the temporary loss of hair.

Iron deficiency can be another cause of hair loss. Young women often have low iron due to the changes in their bodies and their menstrual cycle. Some people do not consume enough iron in their diets or have an inability to properly absorb iron. A doctor can test your blood for iron levels and can treat this by recommending iron pills as part of your vitamin and mineral regiment.

Insufficient protein in your diet may result in protein malnutrition that can affect hair loss. If you are on a diet that is low in protein this may be the culprit. Your body will take the protein from your hair, forcing your hair into the telogen or resting phase. Hair loss will then occur two or more months later. This is not permanent hair loss and can be reversed with a proper diet with healthy amounts of protein.

An infection of the scalp can cause ringworm. This can then result in hair loss. This fungal infection begins with small patches of scaly skin that spreads. This results in broken hair, redness and swelling of the surrounding area and even an oozing. This is a contagious disease. It is common in children. A doctor can diagnose this and prescribe an oral medication to treat it. The hair loss is temporary and the hair will regrow once the infection is treated.

Improper hair care can also result in the loss of hair. Many of us try to treat our hair at home through coloring and perming, highlighting and straightening. This is often very safe for your hair if you are careful to follow the given instructions. Hair can become damaged if any of these chemicals is used too often or improperly. Hair will become weak and break. If you are not careful to follow the instructions and leave solutions on too long your hair may be damaged. If you treat your hair too closely to the last treatment it may also become brittle. The best treatment for badly treated hair is rest. Stop and let your hair grow out. You may simply damage your hair by brushing it too often, shampooing it too frequently or being too aggressive with it when it is wet. Wet hair is more fragile than dry so avoid vigorous towel rubbing, combing or brushing. Be nice to your hair and it will be healthier and have a longer life.

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