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Hair loss awareness month?

Believe it or not, there is a hair loss awareness month. August has this ignominious honor, and it seems an appropriate moment to look at some of the current efforts to address hair loss issues.

∑        There are low level laser combs that reputedly stimulate hair follicles at the basic cellular level and helping hair to regrow. You can get a hand held laser comb for your own use and give it a try.

∑        Catch it early with a new Folliscope (video microscope) from South Korea. Doctors can see thinning follicles early, before itís noticeable and difficult to treat.

∑        Take hair from another part of your bodyÖwithout major scarring via the technique called trichophytic donor closure.

∑        Or you may want to try the tongue twisting follicular unit extraction. This microsurgery is basically hair transplant on an extremely sophisticated level.

∑        Pop some pills with viviscal, a supplement that has as ingredients marine extracts and silica.

Itís nice to know there are advances in remedying hair loss, and comforting to have a month to bring it to our attention.

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