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Hair loss in women

Women if you are stressed about the possibility of hair loss, stop…you could be a self fulfilling prophecy.

A study involving British men and women reports over 4 million of them are losing hair due to intense stress. Women are getting the raw end of the deal with almost seventy five per cent saying they are all out stressed.

Evidently the combination of working outside the home, inside the home and caring for kids and parents elevates their stress level and twelve per cent of them say they are suffering hair loss because of it. Eight per cent of men in the study say their stress level is affecting their hair.

The scientific name is alopecia areata, where there are bald sections on your head as hair falls out. Evidently the whole body, particularly the immune system, is off kilter when stress reaches high levels. 

So if you feel you are uber stressed and it is affecting a number of areas of your life including your crowning glory, the answer seems to lie in reducing the stress in order to reduce the hair loss.

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