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Survey says! Hair loss is not a good thing...

Put into the “duh” category a new survey out of England.

It seems after surveying almost 2,000 men and women, it was determined that men experience a loss of confidence that is instigated by their hair loss. In this world of uber image hype, it is no wonder that the “Samson Syndrome” exists.

Britain’s retail chain Boots found that twenty per cent of men who still had a full head of lovely locks felt that losing their hair would decrease women’s attraction to them. For the men who had already experienced some hair loss, whether small or significant, almost 20 per cent felt less attractive and ten percent indicated this hair loss could bring about depression.

Not surprising in this less than charitable world, many had been the butt of hair loss teasing and this verbal abuse was hurtful and affected their self confidence. Women surveyed admitted to this teasing, and of these Delilahs, 33 per cent said that a man who loses his hair was less attractive than one who hadn’t.

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