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How to Ensure that You Actually Use your Home Fitness Equipment

We all know someone (maybe ourselves) who have a very expensive "clothes rack"; a piece of fitness equipment that was once used, but somehow, at some point, became ignored and found itself more useful as a place to hang clothes. There are ways to avoid this situation.

A few helpful hints to continue using your purchase:

Have space for the equipment that is ample. Make sure there is clearance all around the piece to allow for proper use. Have a television or radio nearby, or invest in a good book stand.

If possible, don't put your equipment into storage. Keep it in sight. Seeing the equipment reminds you to use it and you also avoid the time spent setting up and taking down.

Set yourself a schedule. Pick a television show you enjoy watching each day. Set your exercise schedule to coincide or record it to watch as you exercise. Watching TV, listening to the radio, or reading a book help to keep your mind busy while your muscles and heart are at work, helping to stave off boredom.

Plan ahead on the calendar when you want to exercise and stick to it. You schedule other important things in your life—doctors' appointments, teacher conferences, lunches, client meetings — and don't miss them. This is important — plan it out.

Mark a calendar. There is great satisfaction in putting a big X on the day to record your exercise time.

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