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Home Gyms

Are you looking to tone up? Are you looking to strength train? Do you want some more muscle? Then consider a home gym.

A home gym offers exercises geared for toning and strengthening the major muscle groups. Each gym will be a little different, so check them out to see which best meets your needs.

Before you begin shopping for your home gym, know the space it will occupy in your home. You want to be sure you have ample space to move around and perform all the exercises it offers. Will your spouse be using it as well? What are his/her needs or goals that may differ from yours? Will your children want to use this equipment as they grow? You will want to be sure the home gym is adjustable. You will want to consider the attachments and accessories it offers. When you have an idea of who will be using the equipment and where it will be used, you can begin your search.

Things to consider before you purchase.

You want the machine to be sturdy and comfortable. It will need to be comfortable to your body. Test it out. Adjust the seat and be sure you can perform the variety of exercises it offers. You want your home gym to be stable. There will be some pieces that will be bolted together, but welds are stronger — look for welded pieces. As far as the pulleys and cables go, you want test cable and nylon pulleys of at least 1500 pounds.

You want the machine to be well padded. You do not want the pads to dry out and crack. Polyurethane molded pads should be on all of the areas that will come in contact with your body. Some models will have pads molded to fit the shape of specific body parts. You will want padded ankle and wrists straps where needed.

You want to have accessories that you will benefit from. Many gyms come with accessories as part of the base unit. Ankle straps to work the thigh muscles, straight bars for exercising the arms and shoulders are just a couple to mention. Your needs and goals may change in the future and you don't want your equipment to be so limited that it cannot change with you.

You want to make sure that the bearings will help with the wear and tear of continued use. Talk to the salesperson—you want to look for oil impregnated brass bearings.

Like any piece of home fitness equipment, a home gym will only benefit you if you use it and use it properly. Read the instruction manual, set yourself a workout schedule and get to it.

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