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DVD players are all about the right connections...

Looking at the back of a DVD player, you'll find a confusing myriad of inputs and outputs. How you connect a DVD player to your TV depends upon the available matching connections on both units. The age of your TV and the type of connections on its rear panel determine what level of sophistication you need in a DVD player.
  • RCA composite jacks — These yellow colored jacks are for basic video output and provide a comparatively low quality picture. This connection is found on older and less expensive model TVs.

  • S-video (super video) connectors give you better picture clarity than the basic RCA jacks by separating the brightness and color signals. You can identify this connector by its black multi pin connection and can be found on most DVD players and currently manufactured TVs.

  • Component video separates brightness and color signals into three separate channels providing superior contrast and precision color. This state of the art technology is found most often on wide screen or high definition TVs and higher end DVD players. Don't spring for the component video DVD player unless you have a TV that has this connection and will support the technology.

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