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DVD Waiting Game

With the holiday flyers tempting you to hurry on down to your local store for boffo DVD player prices, you might want to think twice if you are not a cutting edge kinda guy. We are still in the middle of the competing DVD formats; Blu-ray vs. HD.

Granted they both will probably produce some lovely video, but you may be left out in the DVD cold once the marketplace determines which proprietary technology the industry will cotton to. And keep in mind all this lovely crystal clear video is lost unless you have the corresponding hi def screen to match. Paramount and Warner Brothers are freaked by the choice as well and are supporting both formats in their DVDs.

And if you are big game players, Sonyís PlayStation 3 has a built in Blu-ray player. This alone could push Blu-ray way ahead in the format race. Xbox fan? Microsoft is committed to HD and has made this an add on to their Xbox.

Itís a rough video world out there, and we savvy consumers have to protect ourselves.

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