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Picture this. You plan your Friday night entertainment... the Oscar winning best film is just out at the video store. You run over only to find there are no VHS tapes left, only DVD's. And you don't have a DVD player. Your Friday night is ruined. What happened to VHS and why is everything coming out in DVD?

Get ready to join the ranks of DVD admirers. In 2002 alone more than 17 million DVDs were purchased by eager buyers.

Popular Products
1. Philips DVP642 DivX-Certified Progressive-Scan
2. Sony DVPNS75H Single Disc Upscaling
3. Sony DVPNS55P/S Single Disc
4. OPPO DV-970HD Up-Converting Universal
5. Toshiba Sd-3990 Divx Multi Region Code Free Multi Zone Pal/ntsc
6. Sony DVP-SR200P/B
7. Samsung DVF-1080p upconverting
8. Philips DVP3140
9. Pioneer DV-420V-K
10. Toshiba XD-E500
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