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Sonic Impact’s Video-55 and iFlip by Memorex

Once iPod went video, there have been products introduced to enhance your viewing pleasure…the squint inducing 2.5” LCD screen of the iPod is less than satisfying.  There are some larger screen (7-8 inch) add-ons that make the video viewing quite satisfying and portable, albeit somewhat cumbersome and not meant for your pocket or pocketbook.

Sonic Impact’s Video-55 and iFlip by Memorex  both operate physically like a laptop (9” by 6-1/2” by 2”), opening with a depression space for the iPod. Some things to look for are the screen quality, the speakers and the ever irksome battery situation. The cheaper iFlip’s screen measures almost an inch and a half larger at 8.4 inches, but the Video-55’s screen produces a marginally better picture.

The Video-55 wins the sound battle with its speakers directed outward from the center, rather than iFlip’s speakers that project upwards.

Consider the iFlip for battery performance, with almost eight hours of viewing while charging the iPod. Video-55 can run for over five hours but left our iPod battery dead.

One thing you can count on, there will be more options available as the holiday season approaches.

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