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Basic Things to Look for in a Digital Camera

Computer Compatibility - what kind of platform (IBM compatible or Macintosh) that is needed to run the software

Storage Type - how many images can be stored. There is both internal memory (often 8, 16, or 32 mb) and, often, removable memory. Removable can be replaced when full, so is good for traveling.

Resolution - the quality of an image measured in pixels or mega pixels.

Image Capacity - number of pictures or images a camera can store.

Viewfinder - optical viewfinders work like classic cameras, requiring you to hold the picture up to your eye. Liquid Crystal Display, or LCD viewfinders are small screens that show what the image will look like.

Video Out - allows you to plug the camera directly into a TV or VCR.

Delay Between Shots - Amount of time that it takes a camera to reset before being ready to take another photo. Ranges from 1 - 30 seconds depending on the camera.

Camera Size - this can vary greatly from camera to camera. Some are like traditional point and shoot size cameras, some are tiny and James Bond-like, and some are huge or look like camcorders.

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