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Olympus FE 170

If you are wary of all things techie and the word digital is a scary term, but you are dying to update your camera and enter the 21st century, Olympus says, “We’ve got your camera”.  In fact, they have two cameras that might fit your bill in what they are calling their FE or Fun and Easy line.

The FE 170 is a six megapixel (that’s a good thing) camera with a large two and a half inch LCD screen. The no fuss no muss design gives you a mode dial…just pick which of the ten settings matches the photograph you want to take (think sports, close ups, low lighting, etc.) and click.

The FE 170 costs about $160. It’s younger and more featured brother, the FE 190 will cost about $250 with it’s anorexic 18.5 mm thick case. Just slip it in your pocket and go. And if you make a mistake…there is no film or costly developing with a digital camera…just delete!

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