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People Friendly Camera

If pics of the family and friends are the focus of your digital camera, Fujifilm is your friend. They have a line of digital cameras called Fujifilm FD, FD standing for face detection.

The latest addition to this line is the Z5fd, a pocket sized camera with the Face Detection technology. Here’s how it works. The camera automatically focuses on faces with an exposure set for the faces, rather than the extraneous details that can cause camera confusion as to where to focus. The result is crisp, clear and perfectly lit faces, and a camera ready to reshoot in .05 seconds.

Another perk is the Intelligent Flash system that sets the power of the flash automatically, giving you a balanced lighting for both foreground and background. What a great idea. I am so tired of overly bright faces and dark as dungeon backgrounds. So if you are a real people person when it comes to digital cameras, look into the Fujifilm FD line…or hold on and wait until the Z5FD gets to stores.

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