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SLR digital cameras

I was at the U.S Open the other day and the guy next to me had a Sony Mavica. I am in the market for a new digital camera and wondered what was his take on it. He told me it was an SLR and ďoldĒ by todayís digital camera standards. SLRís are the opposite of point and shoot mini digital cameras. If you are thinking of getting more creative with your photography and donít mind shelling out a few extra dollars one of the new digital SLRs might meet your needs.

First an SLR stands for single lens reflex and when you look through the viewer you are actually looking through the lens. The point and shoots have a separate viewfinder, like the LCD screen. SLRs offer complete control of your shot, with all kinds of exposure control (how long the lens stays open, how much it opens, etc.) and the possibility of changing lenses. They tend to be bulkier, donít do video but offer a higher resolution (ten whopping megapixels).

If you donít want to take the time to mess with exposures, etc. because your two year old moves too quickly, or your slides of the family vacations are turning out just fine, stick with a point and shoot.

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