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"Made in China" --A Rant.
Original Message   May 6, 2011 8:37 am
A few weeks ago I stopped at our local Kirby dealer to pick up some bags for my Ultimate G.  After paying the $28.49 for 9 Micro-Magic bags I noticed that the bottom of the package read "Made in China from American made materials".  WTH.

When I got home I looked at the old package and it clearly says "Made in the U.S.A"

How could this have happened?  My American designed machine is a "globally sourced" machine, and the bags are "Made in China"

I called back to the dealer and advised that I would have given another $2-$3 for the bags if they were American, an was told that Kirby sold their equipment and all the bags are now "global".  Mr. Buffett, is this how you re-energize America, by sending the business and jobs to China.

--Rant over, you may discuss.

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Re: "Made in China" --A Rant.
Reply #16   Jun 9, 2011 1:42 pm
vacmanuk wrote:
Well in the past I'm sure you've pointed out that vacuums can't be compared to automobiles...

Of all the models made in America, are the consumables also produced in America too? How far does it go to for American buyers - does everything have to be produced in America for the patriotic card to be played, or turn a blind eye when the filters, bags and tools are made in China? I'm just wondering really that's all - I find the American's distaste for Chinese things quite amazing. The U.K aren't that bothered.

Mike_W wrote:
As for the "Made in China" rant, and keeping it to vacuum cleaners, I will say that it is better to  buy "Made in USA" for us Americans.  There should be no restrictions though.  If you make a bad product, I will go someplace else.  If I cannot afford it, I will go someplace else.  That is my right as a customer.  We did see this w/the auto industry, in the past.

Not all Chinese-made vacuum cleaners are bad.  Some are good-quality.  

As you can see in the first paragraph, it was in regards to vacuum cleaners.  The last sentence dealt w/the auto industry.  I did not go on about a car company or Walmart stock.  Did not go on about Target opening/closing stores.  Did not talk about the economy.  Vacuum cleaners!  There are countless threads, where the conversation has veered off topic.  I really did not jump in, but you showed everyone that you do know the rules.  Did we veer off and discuss cars?  Not yet.

Like I said in my post, "It is better to buy 'Made in USA' for us Americans."  I guess that is where our countries differ.  We tended to be a country, which was self sufficient in every area.  We had resources.  We could think it, design it, make it, sell it, use it.  I also have to say that some of us have gotten lazy and not wanting to "keep on our toes".  That is where my comment re: auto industry come in.  Other companies, from other countries stepped forward. 
The world is alot different from the world of the 1950's.  Other countries want to sell their floorcare in our country and our country has companies like Kirby, Rexair, Health-Mor, etc. who want to sell vacuum cleaners in other countries.

 If you read on, in my comment, you will see there are "BUT"s.  No one should be held captive to buying an American brand vacuum cleaner if it is not what they want or desire.   We should not be held captive to paying a high price either.  I have to wonder what price Just paid for his Kirby?  I would also like to ask the other vacuum enthusiasts, who purchase Kirby, Rainbow, Tristar, etc.  Do you pay the full asking price or do you pay a lower price?  You see, that tells a story also about this whole subject.  I already know the answer. 

I think you need to ask your last question of other members, because I do like some Chinese-made vacuum cleaners and their consumables.  When Envirocare bags first came out, I pushed them, because they were good quality.
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