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Re: Kenmore Intuition canister vacuum issue
#1   Dec 3, 2012 5:39 am
Are you saying that you have this problem when you are using the power head on the carpeting, plus using the "pet" tool on the end of the hose?  Or are you saying you you are using both on the end of the wand?

Connections can go bad on these vacuum cleaners.  In many cases, the bad part is in the connection between the wand and power nozzle.  If the hose connection is bad, all you would have to do is replace the wiring in the hose-handle, which is less than $100.00. Look for bad, burnt, melted ends on the wiring which connects to eachother as you connect the parts for vacuuming. 
Re: Very little suction and a whistling noise
#2   Oct 23, 2012 1:40 am
You are not installing the bag properly, most likely.  What is the style/type of bag?  It should have a letter.

These Chinese-made vacuum cleaners use a hose, which when installed, will lower just inside the vac bag opening.  This prevents any debris from escaping, when the machine is turned on.  Remove the hose from the machine.  Then open the bag compartment and remove the bag frame, which holds the bag.  Make sure the bag is installed on the frame properly.  There is only one way the bag will fit.  Now, reinstall the frame and bag into the vacuum.  It should slide down into slot(s).  Close the lid.  You should be able to look in the hose inlet of the vacuum and see into the bag.  If it is not installed properly, you will most likely see part of the bag collar.  It will look like a crescent moon.  The hose cannot fit in the vacuum, when the bag is like this.  If the bag is installed properly, then the hose can be inserted into the vacuum cleaner quite easily.

Also make sure the ends of the bag are tucked into the bag compartment, because they can keep the vacuum from having a good seal if stuck in between the vacuum base and the lid.
Re: Vacuum Cleaner Hissing
#3   Oct 21, 2012 3:43 pm
I watched/listened to your video and can tell that you have an airway blockage somewhere.  What happens is that if there is any blockage of airflow, there is a valve, which opens up.  When it opens up, air is allowed to pass, so that enough air continues to go through the motor.  If this did not happen, the motor would soon overheat; causing possible damage to the motor.  This feature is on some other brands as well. Other brands usually have a thermal shut off.  If the machine gets too hot, the vacuum cleaner will shut off and you would have to wait for a while before turning back on. 

What you are going to need to do is check for any blockage.  Be sure to check the hose, then check the filter in the dirt bin.  Remove the hose and turn the machine on.  Is it still doing the same thing?  If it is, then the hose probably is not the problem.  Another way to tell is if you turn on the machine, then remove the hose.  There should be a big difference in the airflow and the sound that it makes, if there is a clog in the hose.  That model looks to have an inner filter.  The inner filter can get to the point where it no longer will allow air to pass through.  You can remove this inner filter, then turn on the machine(if the vacuum will allow you to do so), without the hose attached.  Is it still tripping the valve? Make sure that you are not vacuuming up anything without the filter installed.

If that does not fix the problem, then you will have to check the airway from the hose connection to the dirtbin.  This will be harder.  The valve itself could be defective, but highly doubt it.  Check the hose and dirtbin filter first, because that is the common areas for blockage of airflow.

I would like to suggest that you read the manual, because it will tell you how to maintain your machine.
Re: Help me decide; Oreck vs. Simplicty/Riccar or other?
#4   Oct 19, 2012 5:51 pm
jkbmmv wrote:
Ok, I haven't exactly read all of the responses, cause this caught my eye and was signing out, but given that I am a vacuum enthusiast and technician, I have worked on Orecks and the riccar/simplicity supralite/freedom and will say that even with the base supralite/freedom, you have better cleaning power than the oreck. The riccar/simplicity vacs use the same motor through out the 5 variants, the only differences are having a switch on the handle or having one on the body, having the multi speed switch, having a wooden brushroll, having a metal brush roll, having a hall sensor (jam detection) and having paper bags or micron filtered bags. The fans and motors are the exact same, so the rsl1 cleans the same as the rsl5 when the rsl5 is on high, the differences are the cloth collection bag vs the paper, the metal brush roll with replaceable strips, the hall sensor and the multi speed switch on the handle.

The riccar/simplicity models handle hair and other debris better than the orecks because the fan has a deeper fin with a tighter curve shape to deflect objects and keep hair from winding up.

I own an oreck commercial XL, an RSL3 and an RSL5... Would take the riccars over the orecks any day...

vacman2 wrote:
Someone finally answered the question, Riccars blow Orecks away if U can stand the noise lol, or buy the 2 speed and run on low.

I have to agree that Tacony's  Freedom/Supralite upights are very good and perform very well.  I have said this from their beginning.  What I have to ask is, have you tried the other Oreck residential uprights?  They make other series of uprights like the Pilot series(mentioned earlier in the thread), which started out as the XL21,  and the Edge upright. 
Re: Need help picking a vacuum cleaner...
#5   Oct 19, 2012 5:40 pm
Katherine77 wrote:
I've recently been using a vacuum cleaner purchased by my mother and was very surprised at how absolutely wonderful it works. I'm now considering purchasing it myself for my home since I can't seem to find one better. She purchased it after getting new carpet all over her home in order to maintain it looking new and it has does an amazing job of that.  You may have heard of it, It is called the.  It glides and angles very easily.  The ball in the center allows you to stay in one spot while vacuuming also enabling you to reach every angle without even turning your body. It is convenient and saves time while vacuuming. It has a strong suction that picks up dirt thoroughly from carpets, I've even used it on hard floors and it works great for that as well. I've used it in the bathroom to pick up hair and it cleans it all up. I also like how it is bag-less so you can simply take the canister off of the front and dump it out. Let me know if you have anymore questions or have any other vacuum suggestions. Thanks
I am curious about what other brands/models of vacuum cleaners you have compared w/the dyson.  I am not a fan of bagless vacuum cleaners, but will recommend them if someone finds they are having to change the bag more often.  I have to agree w/you that dysons "angle very easily" w/their swivel feature.  

I would suggest that you read the owner's manual before you take the plunge yourself and familiarize yourself w/maintaining the machine.  It does require regular filter rinsing.
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