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Re: Is there no perfect vacuum yet?
#1   Dec 7, 2018 1:39 pm
I am so sorry about the fire and loss of your home and possessions. I know how difficult that is. As I have heard, and have said many times. The only perfect vacuum is the one that you like and will use. You can have the most expensive, or the most in style, and if it sits in the closet because you don't or can't use it; it's worthless. I would suggest that you visit a vacuum store, one that preferably sells more than one type of vacuum. If they are a single manufacturer establishment, don't make immediate decisions, go to another and look there as well. The issue with buying at the stores, like Walmart, Sear's, Sam's, Costco. You don't have anything but the box and some display items to guide you. Some will say to stay away from door to door salesmen. I will negate that advice, look at their product, but be prepared to say no many times. Some of those machines, I can think of a few anyway have a fire protection clause. If the machine is damaged in a fire they will replace it for a nominal fee. Good luck
Re: Best vacuum for a pet free 3 bedroom apartment, no budget restrictions
#2   Aug 11, 2017 10:55 am
You didn't mention what type of flooring you are cleaning? Also what type of vacuum do you, or your wife prefer. Upright, Canister? Aerus (Electrolux), Meile, Sebo, Rainbow, Sirena, Kirby, Simplicity, Riccar, Filter Queen, and yes Panasonic. All make good machines. What I would recommend is that you visit a vacuum store, or several of them, not a Wal-Mart, and test drive a few different models. Once you have your hands on them, you can get a better idea what will work for you. Here is a caution I will give you when purchasing. Don't buy the first one you try, as another may work better for you. Several of the models I mentioned, specifically Kirby and Rainbow, Filter Queen, are only sold in home. Try a few first, don't allow them to pressure you. Also, be cautious of Panasonic, though good machines. Panasonic is pulling out of the North American vacuum market, and though you may be able to get a good deal, the cost of expendables (bags and filters) may be prohibitive in the future. Also keep in mind the availability of replacement parts (these are plastic machines) There is an abundance of generic manufacturers, but if you go with a Panny, you may want to lay in a stash of supplies for future use.
Re: Tacony (Riccar and Simplicity Vacuum Brands)
#3   Sep 8, 2016 4:22 pm Would that letter by any chance be the one that I listed the link to on my post above?
Re: Tacony (Riccar and Simplicity Vacuum Brands)
#4   Aug 2, 2016 2:29 pm
I had not heard they had gotten into trouble. Where did you see this? One can speculate, but will have to do some googling. Here is the link. It appears that it has to do with their "Made in America" actually China machines. You can read the letter in the link. FTC chose not to pursue any charges against Tacony.
Re: The Amazing Rainbow - the first vacuum to not lose suction
#5   Jun 9, 2016 2:01 pm
WOW, I realize how dead this site is anymore when I see a resurrected thread from 2007, and that's the newest post. In any case the OP, back in 2007, mentioned the Rainbow was a good machine but overpriced. Agreed, there is a contender on the market now, the Sirena, that is comparable to the Rainbow at a lower price around $899,though with good negotiation skills you can get it for less. Time will tell if the quality and longevity is there as I have a 40 year old Rainbow, I will let you know if my three month old Sirena lives that long, but it does have a 10 year motor warranty. Sirena uses an Italian designed, Chinese built motor that moves 90 CFM on high speed, and 18CFM on low. As a collector I can say that it is a pretty good vacuum. Maybe not as refined as the Rainbow, but everything is very livable. It does not have the digital motor. No direct connect wands. Slightly larger water basin. I am not a fan of the power nozzle (a direct copy of the E2 nozzle complete with the hold me to use me switch on the hahdle. Only drawback, as with any water vac, is that your daily maintenance is a little more than a bagged machine that you just wrap back up and put in the closet, but if you are dedicated to a water vac, this is a lower cost alternative.
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