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It’s not too soon to think about your year end tax situation.

Even before 12/31 pops around, there are some things you can do to optimize your tax situation, says TaxACT, purveyor of tax help software. Whether you use TaxACT’s online product or their download software, you can use their free, end of the year checkup, TaxACT Preview, to help minimize your tax bill and max on your savings. TaxACT says it’s a great time to do some early analysis on your tax situation, even if only minor changes have been made this year. These minor changes, such as wages and withholding status, can have significant impact on your tax bill.

With Preview you can take a new look at your withholding rate and strategize plans to be alerted to tax saving opportunities. Whether you file a non-itemized or a more complicated return, TaxACT Deluxe Preview can help you save a few taxable dollars. Plus you get access to additional forms, helpful calculators and reports, including Lasser’s “Your Income Tax Guide”.

Give it a shot and see if you can spend a few minutes in preparation to save some big money come April.

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