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Head for Taxhead?

If you are planning to file taxes the old fashioned way…pen and forms from the library, you need to engage the millennium with a bit more vigor. If you own a computer, then there are a myriad of choices for tax prep software.

One new name on the market is the geeky “Taxhead” and available at They have completed tax software acceptance testing with the IRS. If you are a purveyor of tax return software, you need to pass the "Participants Acceptance Testing System" or PATS. This testing requirement ensures before live processing that the consumer’s tax return will be transmitted in the right format and meet efiling specifications set out by the IRS, as well as have few math errors (duh). is looking to meet the needs of the person who uses the 1040-A or 1040-EZ tax return form. They try and streamline their online approach for you by refraining from asking questions that do not apply to most people, concentrating on the basic and popular tax forms and tax situations. The use of the software is free…with a charge coming only if you choose to E-file. Just print the return and mail it in.

Of course if you are getting a refund and want the money asap, e-filing might be a better choice.

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