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Snowthrower maintenence?
#1   Dec 9, 2009 10:46 am
I bought a Simplicity L14288 Snowthrower two seasons ago.  As fate would have it, we have not had a significant snowfall since I purchased the snowthrower.  That of course did not prevent me from taking it out to play with it during the dustings or the wet snows where a snowthrower was overkill.  That being said, I have only logged about two hours running the machine.  I checked the owner's manual and the maintenance schedule suggests changing the oil every 50 hours of use.  Since it's been two years, should I do it even though I have not come anywhere close to 50 hours of use?

Thank you!

#2   Dec 13, 2007 5:03 pm
I finally used my Simplicity 1428.  While the conditions were not perfect for the thrower, I just had to use it.   In Princeton, NJ we had a lot of freezing rain today.  My driveway was covered with about and inch of slush.  It would have been a bear to clear it by shovel so while the conditions were not great, I took the new Snow thrower out to help with the job.  The 1428 handled the job well.  It threw the slush far enough to go over the driveway.  The biggest thing I learned is that I have to practice using the thrower to better handle it.  Regardless, it was fun to get it out of the garage and use it.
Re: Help! Simplicity or Troy-Bilt?
#3   Dec 6, 2007 6:23 pm
I posted a similar question a few weeks ago.  Re: Simplicity vs Ariens vs Toro...they are all good choices.  Try-Bilt is a good value but of lower quality.  I suggest that you skip the big box stores and purchase from a local shop that will show you how to use it and will repair/service the unit.
Fuel dryers - isopropyl or ethanol?
#4   Dec 4, 2007 7:27 pm
I recently purchased a snow thrower.  The person who delivered it recommended that I always add stabilizer and fuel dryer/antifreeze every time I fill the tank.  He made it very clear that while many are ethanol, I should use isopropyl dryers/ antifreeze.  Considering that we can have light and heavy snowfall years in central NJ, I understand why I should always add stabilizer and dryer.  One can never know if they will use up the fuel in the tank.  What I don’t understand is why isopropyl over ethanol.   While I have only shopped at two places, I have yet to find a dryer with isopropyl.  This guy also repaired engines.  Does he have a valid point and should I search longer for the isopropyl?

#5   Nov 30, 2007 5:09 pm
I greatly appreciate everyone's input.  I had my Simplicity 1428 delivered a few minutes ago.  While I think that I was comparing three good choices, I am very pleased with my decision.  The build quality is very good and the unit is easy to operate.

The simple most important piece of advice that I can give anyone reading these messages who is shopping for a snow thrower.  Be sure to buy from a local dealer who services the units and will deliver and setup for you.  The few dollars I spend for delivery and setup was well worth it.  The delivery/repair main took 20+ minutes going over everything with me from operating the unit to putting stabalizer and antifreeze in the fuel.  Yes, I could have always read the manual and learned these things on my own but the extra value and piece of mind that comes from buying from someone who will fully stand behind the product is huge.  They even had me sign the warranty registration that they had pre-filled out for me.  Walt's Outdoor Center in Ringoes, NJ has earned a customer for life.
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