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Let's talk Snow Shovels
#1   Jan 1, 2011 10:11 pm
What's in your stash and what works....

I ended up mailordering a couple as the ones I wanted - were not available locally.

I've got a wood handle / alum. grain scoop style with 48" handle length
Wood handle, steel blade pusher - 24"
Wood handle, alum blade with steel edge shoveler
Wood handle, POLY shoveler/pusher (dedicated for IPE deck)

2nd year back in the Northeast..
Needed to used ice scraper to break EOD, and a combo of my Corona steel *garden* digging trowel to break things up......

The local poly stuff that is available just pretty much broke on me.
Blade cracked on one.
The plastic handle on the either just bent in half as I lifted a heavy wet load.....

No one seems to carry anything good with wood handles, metal and or wood D ring ends, etc so I ended up mailordering this stuff.....
Re: Honda HS 928TAS Commercial Skid Shoes
#2   Dec 28, 2010 4:34 pm
Hey New Yorker :

How are those MODS/tweaks coming along.
Post some pics when you get a chance.

I think modding snowblowers in the winters is as close to modding cars I can get during the warmer months ;-)

BTW, any concern with the semi heavy bucket and the 8MM SS bolt....
I'd be inclinced to use supplied hardware. As long as you are properly keeping the chassis waxed, lubed & or weatherproofing treatment, it should be fine to a degree.
And, it will be stronger than the SS bolts...
Re: Which single stage has the most power
#3   Dec 27, 2010 5:41 pm
'ole blue 928. I learned my lessons a couple times on impulse overseas buying....
I was on a Hazet and Stahwille frenzy once and ordered a boatload of wrenches. Unbeknowingst to me, I got hit with quite a but of customs ontop..
Re: Which single stage has the most power
#4   Dec 27, 2010 5:15 pm
Not, until something more enticing comes along....
Saw a blurb on a Sno Tek 200CC -

For flat pavement, I have always like the singles.
it's a much better dance partner .

That Yammy sure is enticing...
School is back in session tomorrow, and I need to freshen up on my customs import duty knowledge.
Re: Which single stage has the most power
#5   Dec 27, 2010 4:35 pm
I shouldn't have flipped that 2 stager but it was more like a poney rather than a horse.

I've yet to tackle the driveway yet as plows have not even plowed our street, so it's a futile effort as the EOD will merrily come and wall me in.

The biggest difference I did notice was while throw is less, it NEVER stalled out on me, whereas with the 520, with the stuff I have done today, it would have easily stalled numerous times...
Go figure. I recall reading the torque specs between the 2 engines and the #'s were not that far off between each other. Nevertheless, I was quite surprised this little red pony did not stall once when tackling 2 foot high snow today. It just got annoying constantly clearing the jammed chute but I bid my own poison without the 2 stager. No regrets though cause I do feel the power was lacking ...for a big heavy metal impeller/auger...
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