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Merry Christmas Everyone!
#1   Dec 24, 2010 7:06 pm
Let's have one thread with nothing to do with OPE. I hope everyone has a great Christmas with their families. I am very fortunate to be with my family this year, I hope you are as well! I hope there's a can of Seafoam under every tree!

Re: Someone asked about Honda clones and cold weather proofing
#2   Dec 16, 2010 5:03 pm
Excellent work. I'd love to be able to fab something of that quality. I took an old filing cabinet, cut a huge corner out of it and hung it over the carb and part of the muffler. It's rather "rednecky", and I'll take some photos in the daylight. One more colour added to the old beast..
Re: Removing Choke Knob on Ariens 926 Pro with Tecumseh OHSK 80-130 engine
#3   Dec 13, 2010 1:47 pm
I have an engine like yours on one of my machines. The choke knob will come off the shaft. It'll pry off and go flying. If your luck is like mine, it'll fly into a snowbank or behind something heavy.
Re: Lifan engines? HD deal $249.00, 15 HP, free ship
#4   Dec 10, 2010 6:35 pm
borat wrote:
You have to capture the hot air being blown from across the engine head and route it to the carb.  It's probably a job best done in a warm environment because there will a great deal of trial and error fitting.   On my B&S engine, it looks fairly basic.  If it's simply a matter of keeping snow and ice off of the linkage of the carb, would it be possible to make a shroud out of old tire tube rubber and let it hang over the carb to keep snow from accumulating on the linkage? 

The clone engine now sits on a back-up machine. I actually use a plow on my 4 wheeler as the primary snow mover, and have a restored Bolens as a my primary blower. I like the idea of the inner tube, but in looking at the linkage, any interference would impede their movement. Some of the springs are insanely long and thin. I don't know how I'd drape it over everything without it touching something. I was even contemplating drilling a hole in the back of the muffler to blow hot exhaust toward the carb.

I have a few military surplus ammo cans here, I think that one of those cut out would do the job nicely. I've tried soft tin, but it seems to be lacking in "robustness". The engine vibrations shake the snot out of it, it would flop around until it broke. This is the only problem that I've not beaten with this clone. All in all it's run perfectly and doesn't complain at all.
Re: Lifan engines? HD deal $249.00, 15 HP, free ship
#5   Dec 10, 2010 4:34 pm
borat wrote:
Trouts &amp; Niper:<BR><BR>Did you use the engine without heat shrouds?  If so, no problems?  I'm wondering how they'd do in cold climate like northern Canada?<br type="_moz"/>

I don't want to answer on their behalf, but the lack of a heat shroud was the only complaint I've had with a Lifan engine. Works great, but on a bitter night with snow swirling around, it tends to ice up. The thing won't throttle down with all the ice on the linkage. I've tried different things to protect the linkage from freezing up, from tin to coffee cans. Spray Silicone seems to work the best. It still ices up, but the ice doesn't stick nearly as bad. It would be nice if there was a decent Honda schematic to make a shroud that would work.
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